OK Say This is a podcast dedicated to helping you say what you want to say, perhaps better than you might have said it on your own. Ken Herskovitz (founder, host, and the one writing about himself here in the third person…) has spent a good portion of his career helping people with their messaging. From internal corporate communications to marketing and advertising copy, Ken’s input has led to business growth, improved efficiency, and likely prevented physical violence on several occasions.

Although he consults for a number of highly successful podcasts, this is Ken’s first time in front of the mic. It’s also his chance to do more of what he loves most – helping people get the results they’re looking for simply by choosing the right words.

On each episode, Ken hopes to illustrate communication choices by sharing real-world examples, speaking with expert guests, and answering your questions.

Whether you have something difficult to say – or someone difficult to say things to, Ken would love to help you. Please click the button below to submit your request.